High Flying WiFi

Dan Goldwasser Boston, Internet

I’m on the airplane now…. we took off on time, no problems at all. I managed to move my seat after take-off, so now I have my own aisle. Yay! Oh…. and there’s Wi-Fi on the flight.  Kickass!

WordPress Upgraded

Dan Goldwasser Internet

Just upgraded the WordPress blog to version 2.7 – it’s got a much slicker administration interface, and is really quite nice and even easier to manage!

Fixing my Laptop (Step 2 of 2)

Dan Goldwasser Computers

My replacement laptop keyboard arrived in the mail today.  It took less than five minutes to replace the broken keyboard on my laptop, and now I’m back up and running as if there was never a coffee spill.  Even better, this keyboard is new so it has an Escape key that isn’t missing, and the letters haven’t been worn off as they had been on my old one!  I still have no idea where the two extra screws go, though….

Fixing my Laptop (Step 1 of 2)

Dan Goldwasser Computers

As many of you probably know, earlier this past week I spilled coffee on my laptop, and the keyboard is basically hosed.  Also, the right-click didn’t work on the touchpad.  The “Q” key would be intermittently stuck – occasionally forcing qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq on whatever I was typing – and the “fix” usually involved smacking the keyboard near the “Q” key, to make it stop.  But today it decided to go nonstop.  Urgh.  So I disassembled my laptop, and disconnected the keyboard …

Israel finally gets roads in Google Maps

Dan Goldwasser Internet

It took a while, but it seems that Google Maps has finally updated their Israel data-set, to provide all the roads in the Holy Land.  About time!!  Now I can see how long it would take to drive from Haifa to Jerusalem.  Wonder when they’ll institute “traffic”?


Dan Goldwasser Internet

Discovered Wordle today. The website will use Java to generate rather awesome collages from text that you input, using common words. It’s like a “Tag Cloud”, but more artistic.  I fed it my Blazing Saddles and Spaceballs liner notes, and here’s what it came up with.  Pretty sweet!!


Dan Goldwasser Computers

I’ve made the leap, and gone dual-monitor.  It will take some getting used to; it also took a bit of time to calibrate the two LCD monitors so that they were close enough to each other’s color spaces.  (One is nearly 4 years old, the other is brand new.)

Buh-bye Google Chrome

Dan Goldwasser Internet

Well, I was using Google Chrome (courtesy of the Windows beta that became available yesterday), but I just uninstalled it because of this. Yeah, thanks but no thanks, Google!