Small Homepage Tweaks

Dan Goldwasser Internet

I’ve done a bit of tweaking to my homepage. Nothing major, just a few things to clean up the directory structure. It looks 100% the same, but will actually function a little more normally. For example, my Links page is now at instead of at the oddly formatted Obvious, no?

The Continuing Adventures of TimBox

Dan Goldwasser Internet

Apparently the amusing adventures of TimBox on the Internet are continuing in full force on the Criterion Forums. Seriously, this kid is WHACK!

Dexter's Odyssey

Dan Goldwasser Internet

So I get this bizarre email today. It is replicated here, in its entirety: Dear Dan Goldwasser, I wanted the music of Dexter’s Odyssey to be based upon feel, and the music of The Dinosaur Planet of Reptaria is all gonna enhance that, because for the music of Reptaria, Film Club and I will be taking the traditional orchestra and some electronic music by James T. Hill and Vangelis and we’re putting in a tribal percussion, part Asian part African …

Los Angeles Screenings Website

Dan Goldwasser Internet, Showbiz

This might seem a tad excessive, but I think it’s pretty damn cool – and it’s useful, among other things too! I created a database and PHP front-end to consolidate all of the various Award Screenings I have this winter, so I can see what I’ve got coming up, what I haven’t seen, and what I need (well, want) to see, and when they screen. Whaddayathink? Los Angeles Award Screenings

Reuters Search-and-Replace

Dan Goldwasser Internet

This is pretty amusing. Apparently an overzealous spellchecker at Reuters (unknown to be human or machine) replaced “the queen” with “Queen Elizabeth”, making this article on honeybees a must-read! The money quote: “Queen Elizabeth has 10 times the lifespan of workers and lays up to 2,000 eggs a day.” Hehe.

Cousins in the JPost

Dan Goldwasser Internet

Two of my Bostonian cousins moved to Israel earlier this year to join a program that would allow them to serve in the IDF. However, they changed the age limit on them after they had moved, and now there’s an article about them in the Jerusalem Post Online. Go check it out!