The Ultimate Hardship

Dan Video Projects

Got together with Ben tonight, and we watched the “Hardship in Mexico” series of short films we made, oh, 18 years ago. Talk about a trip down memory lane! We even recorded a commentary for the DVD (yes yes, I know….), and the idea of doing a more “professionally” edited version came to mind…. at least, better titles, editing, and sound effects/music. Maybe call it “The Ultimate Hardship” or something like that. lol.

End of an Era

Dan Video Projects

Well, now that I’ve completed Over Your Head, an era has ended. And to mark that era, I compressed the film in Quicktime, and finally uploaded it to the Warm Butter Films website. Whew. (Now I have got to redesign the site!)

Over Your Head

Dan Video Projects

Seven years and ten months. That’s a pretty long time to complete a film. Granted, it’s no masterpiece or anything, but I’m very excited about having put this baby to bed. Yes, that’s right – Over Your Head is finished. No more work to do. I finished the visual effects and edit of the film back in 2001, but then I had hoped that my friend Scott would be able to provide original underscore for the film. So, I waited. …

"Hang Time"

Dan Video Projects

I was checking out my imdb entry to see if they put “Hang Time” in the system yet (they haven’t), but that got me wondering if the short film was on the Fox Searchlab website yet. So I went to look – and viola there it was! So, go on here to check out the quicktime! I’d love to get your feedback – please email me, or leave a comment here….

Jim Dooley

Dan Websites

Tonight I launched the official website for my friend and composer Jim Dooley. Go check it out!!

Dropping Down the Shaft

Dan Video Projects

So I decided to post the “work in progress” animations for Hang Time, the short film that Paul is producting for Fox SearchLab. You can see the rough animations here. (These are Quicktime movies, folks… make sure you have the latest version!)

Foxy Shaft

Dan Video Projects

Had a meeting this evening with Paul Gerard, a graduate of The Peter Stark Producing Program at USC. (My old roommate Brendan went there, which is how I know a bunch of these folks.) He’s producing, through Fox Searchlabs, a small short film – and I’ll be doing the visual effects on it! Basically, some wire-removal and 3D animation is all thats required, and I think it should be fun to do. We met over at his office at Fox, …

Editing For Fun

Dan Video Projects

Got together today with Scheller, and I helped him out with his video project. It was fun, and really nice to actually use this DV editing stuff that I have. I need to get back into it and finish up that Over Your Head thing…. “The X-Files” series finale is tonight – should be good!