The Road to Rhode Island

Dan Boston

I hit the road to head to Rhode Island around 11:30am or so, and traffic was smooth on Rt. 9, but then there was a big accident or something, so things slowed down to a crawl.  Luckily my phone has Google Maps and GPS, so I figured out an alternate route, then made my way down to Narragansett.  Got there a little before 1pm, and met Mike at the new Institute for Archaeological Oceanography building, which was a very nice …


Dan Boston

The days following Thanksgiving were pretty low-key.  I spent time with family, played with my nieces, saw some friends, and in general did a great job doing no work whatsoever! Friday night I went out to my friend Mike’s dad’s place for their big post-Thanksgiving party (and I brought the second rum cake). It was a lotta fun, and good to catch up with some high school peeps and meet some new folks as well.  Saturday afternoon was absolutely gorgeous, …

Thanksgiving Day

Dan Boston

Ahh, Thanksgiving Day is here!  That means, I needed to bake yet another rum cake (for tomorrow night, since it takes a good 24 hours for the rum to really soak into the cake! So I made another one, and had barely enough rum to meet the requirements of the recipe. Sadly that meant it wasn’t quite a drunken rum cake. Oh well! The dinner was held at my aunt and uncle’s place, as usual, and there was plenty of …


Dan Boston

It’s always a delight to be welcomed to the Boston area by my nieces – so cute!!  Didn’t do much on Monday night, we just all hung out at the apartment.  With a lot of people here, it was a big tumultuous, and I stayed on an inflated mattress in my dad’s office – and ended up with only about 5 hours of sleep. Tuesday I went to lunch with my older sister at her favorite Korean/Japanese restaurant, Sapporo.  After …

Heading to Boston for Thanksgiving

Dan Boston

I’m at LAX right now, heading to Boston for Thanksgiving.  The SuperShuttle was about 30 minutes late in picking me up, which was annoying, but I still got to the Virgin America gate with a little over an hour before they start boarding.  So that’s good!  And there will be free Wi-Fi on the flight, courtesy of Google.  I’ll probably take the opportunity to catch up on the movie reviews I haven’t written, but have been meaning to!  They are …

Power Loss

Dan Boston, X-Files

Am switching to PST, so that it’s “live” blogging now.  We’re still in the air, about 675 miles from Los Angeles (currently over Colorado).  About an hour or so ago, the power outlet in my row (and the row in front of me and behind me) decided to stop working.  So I’ve been steadily draining my laptop battery as I actually get some work done.  Hopefully I have enough juice left to finish the uploads….. I can’t say that I …

High Flying WiFi

Dan Boston, Internet

I’m on the airplane now…. we took off on time, no problems at all. I managed to move my seat after take-off, so now I have my own aisle. Yay! Oh…. and there’s Wi-Fi on the flight.  Kickass!

Time to Waste at Logan

Dan Boston

After getting all packed up and cleaning up the apartment a bit, my grandmother picked me up and brought me to her place. We were going to hang out for a little bit before the taxi took me to the airport, but it was already waiting for us when we got back to her place.  So I just moved all my stuff into the taxi, and off I went to the Logan International Airport! I got there around 5:25pm, and …

Brunch at S&S / Hudson / Koreana

Dan Boston

Today was a much nicer day than yesterday, but significantly colder and windier.  I went to meet Matt for brunch at the S&S Restaurant and Deli in Cambridge.  Afterwards, I headed out to Hudson, to visit my cousin and see his place.  Driving on the Mass Turnpike wasn’t too bad, but there was a car carrier truck that was tailing people – what a jerk. Hudson seems like a nice spot – way out in the boonies – but with …

Rainy Day / Capital Grille

Dan Boston

The past two days here in Boston have been phenomenal. So imagine my disappointment when it got colder and rainy.  Went to meet Tim for coffee, and it was really nice to catch up with him.  After hanging out with the parents for a bit, I took them to the airport for their flight to Israel (via New York).   Dinner was with a few family members at The Capital Grille, which was an awesome steakhouse.  I had a filet …