Symphonic Concert of Film Music

Dan Spain (2010)

The concert – as most things in Ubeda – started late, around 9:40pm.  Giacchino kicked things off (literally) by giving the mayor of the city a soccer ball autographed by all the composers, and then tossing two more into the crowd to the fans.  He played music from The Family Stone, Lost, Medal of Honor, and Up.  He was followed by Lennertz, who played music from Medal of Honor: European Assault, The Comebacks, Warhammer, and Meet the Spartans.  Spanish composer/conductor …

Orchestra Rehearsal and Lunch

Dan Spain (2010)

I slept in a bit, and then after a late breakfast headed to the Hospital to check out the symphony rehearsal for the evening’s concert. Watching Grusin play On Golden Pond was great, as well as the Spartacus suite.  There were a few tense moments, like when the percussionist didn’t have the right sheet music during Randy Edelman’s segment, and apparently the musician’s union representatives were very unhappy about the lack of breaks.  But still, everyone got a shot at …

Recital of Film and Non-Film Music

Dan Spain (2010)

The evening’s concert was different than one I had seen before in Ubeda three years ago.  Back then, it was a very long symphonic concert all on one night; this time they had a smaller “recital” where the guest artists would perform their own music on stage, themselves, or backed with a small group.  Vocalist/pianist Lisbeth Scott sang two Alex North songs, and then a song from Munich, which she provided vocals on in the original score.  Randy Edelman played …


Dan Audio Projects

My latest album project hits the streets at noon today from La-La Land Records. Alex North’s 1981 score to the Paramount/Disney film, Dragonslayer.  It’s got great sound courtesy of Mike Matessino, and awesome liner notes courtesy of Jeff Bond.  Limited edition, naturally, but oh-so-worth it, and the first time it’s officially released on CD!