Thanksgiving Day

Dan Goldwasser Boston

Ahh, Thanksgiving Day is here!  That means, I needed to bake yet another rum cake (for tomorrow night, since it takes a good 24 hours for the rum to really soak into the cake! So I made another one, and had barely enough rum to meet the requirements of the recipe. Sadly that meant it wasn’t quite a drunken rum cake. Oh well! The dinner was held at my aunt and uncle’s place, as usual, and there was plenty of …


Dan Goldwasser Boston

It’s always a delight to be welcomed to the Boston area by my nieces – so cute!!  Didn’t do much on Monday night, we just all hung out at the apartment.  With a lot of people here, it was a big tumultuous, and I stayed on an inflated mattress in my dad’s office – and ended up with only about 5 hours of sleep. Tuesday I went to lunch with my older sister at her favorite Korean/Japanese restaurant, Sapporo.  After …

Indian Pudding

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

Decided to make Indian pudding tonight. Never made it before, but it’s a traditional dessert from the New England area, best served with vanilla ice cream. I didn’t actually eat it; I just made it and will have some later in the week (need to get the ice cream, and people to share it with)! The recipe is really simple. Start out with 6 cups of milk, and one stick (1/2 cup) of butter, and then transfer it to a …

Pumpkin Cake for Thanksgiving

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

Tonight I made pumpkin cake (Liz’s mom’s recipe) for Thanksgiving. I hadn’t made it in a while, but it’s really simple and fun to make! Start out with sugar: Then add eggs, oil and pumpkin: Blend until smooth: Add flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon: Blend again until a nice batter forms: Bake for 30 minutes: Make the frosting (cream cheese, vanilla and powdered sugar) and apply: Enjoy!!

Red Velvet Cake

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

Today my friend Justin is having a party to celebrate his birthday.  He wanted me to bake something (I brought homemade lemon bars and brownies to his July 4th BBQ), so I decided to try something new: Red Velvet Cake. I found a simple recipe on, and made sure I had all the ingredients.  It was really quite effortless. After making the batter, while it cooked I had to make the frosting. It has butter in it – it’s …

Rum Cake Again!

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

I decided, both out of generosity and the need for a sofa when I visit London in the spring, to make rum cake tonight. I will deliver it to the great music team over at Wavecrest tomorrow, and hopefully they’ll enjoy it enough to let me crash for a night or two in March! The cake came out great – I think. I didn’t actually get to taste it, since it’s bad form to gift a cake that has a …

Rum Cake

Dan Goldwasser Boston, Cooking

Last year, you might remember that I made lemon bars, which kicked off my cooking trend. This year, I got a recipe for a rum cake that I figured I would try to make. I had sent off the ingredient list to my mom earlier so that everything would be ready for me, but unfortunately a few things were missing. Like, butter and more importantly, enough rum that the recipe calls for! (Sorry, a tiny flask is not gonna cut …

Another success!

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

I brought the double-batch of Raspberry Rugelach to the scoring session for The Kingdom today. Indeed, it was another success, as composer, crew and some orchestra members were satiated with the yummy goodness. I should really start taking pictures of people eating the food, instead of just showing the food itself! (“Here’s a picture of James Horner eating my Pumpkin Cake.” Heh!)

Raspberry Rugelach

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

I have a scoring session tomorrow afternoon. You know what that means – a new thing to try cooking! Since the rugelach I baked last week came out nicely, this time I decided to make Raspberry Rugelach. Not bad – I forgot to use the egg wash though to make it “shine”, and I think I folded them wrong (as you can see, some of then unfurled a tad). But, it tastes good! The second batch had the same unfolding …

Chocolate Cream Cheese Rugelach

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

Yes, it’s as good as it sounds. And yes, it’s super-easy to make. And yes, they look like weird brown dropping of…. well. Hmm. But yes, they taste amazing! Cream cheese, butter and sugar. What’s not to love? After the dough chills, roll it out, and slather on a little Nutella They look so cute all rolled up! Ooooh – yes, they look like poo. But they taste like Bubbie’s Heaven! Note: when they first came out of the oven, …