Rocky Balboa

Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

Tonight I went to a special awards screening of Rocky Balboa, the latest (and supposedly final) film in the series of Rocky films. This movie is enjoyable and light – there’s a good message in the film, and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy. But it’s not really a “necessary” film – the series could have ended quite well with Rocky IV. (We all know how unnecessary Rocky V was!) In the movie, Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) has lost his …

Bondfest 2006: For Your Eyes Only

Dan Goldwasser Bondfest 2006

Took the red-eye flight back to Boston tonight. As an “experiement”, I ripped For Your Eyes Only to my iPod. It worked rather well, I dare say, except the cinemascope aspect ratio left a bit to be desired – the image was so small! For Your Eyes Only: Roger Moore is getting old, and so while he’s trying to recover the ATAC system from a sunken British ship with the help of a murdered archaeologist’s daughter set on avenging her …

Escape to Victory

Dan Goldwasser Audio Projects

Just interviewed Bill Conti and Dan Wallin about their work on the 1981 John Houston film, Escape to Victory. I’m working on the liner notes, so look for the album’s release in December!