Riverdale: Season 1

Dan Goldwasser Graphic Design

It’s that time of year again, which means that the annual slew of Blake Neely album projects are coming out!  First up is the new CW drama, Riverdale.  Based on the Archie comics, but in a modern setting and definitely more adult subject matter, the show’s artwork has a high saturated look, with a neon-styled title treatment. Doing a little digging, the font was Centrum, so I went with that for the headers.  Because there was a song album, we had …

The Case Against 8

Dan Goldwasser Graphic Design

When composer Blake Neely asked me to design the artwork for a release of the score to his new HBO Documentary film, The Case Against 8, I was honored that he thought of me.  Back in January, I had quickly put together the artwork for a promotional album release of the score, but this was going to be something he would be selling – so the quality of the product had to be ramped up. I was provided the layered key …

Ubeda Film Music Festival, Day 1

Dan Goldwasser Spain (2011)

After getting about 10 hours of much needed sleep, I went down to get breakfast, where I bumped into composer Mark Isham and his wife, as well as publicists Ray Costa and Beth Krakower.  Eventually we made our way up to the Hospital de Santiago, where I met up with some more people, and checked out some of the rehearsals – in particular, Blake Neely and Chris Lennertz practicing the three Michael Kamen songs that would be part of tonight’s …

Blake Neely

Dan Goldwasser Websites

Finished up another website. This one is for composer Blake Neely, who has worked with many big composers, including Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. He also did the music for the hit television show Everwood, for which he recieved an Emmy nomination for "Best Main Title"e;. Go check it out!