Pumpkin Cake for Thanksgiving

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

Tonight I made pumpkin cake (Liz’s mom’s recipe) for Thanksgiving. I hadn’t made it in a while, but it’s really simple and fun to make! Start out with sugar: Then add eggs, oil and pumpkin: Blend until smooth: Add flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon: Blend again until a nice batter forms: Bake for 30 minutes: Make the frosting (cream cheese, vanilla and powdered sugar) and apply: Enjoy!!

Red Velvet Cake

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

Today my friend Justin is having a party to celebrate his birthday.  He wanted me to bake something (I brought homemade lemon bars and brownies to his July 4th BBQ), so I decided to try something new: Red Velvet Cake. I found a simple recipe on AllRecipes.com, and made sure I had all the ingredients.  It was really quite effortless. After making the batter, while it cooked I had to make the frosting. It has butter in it – it’s …

Rum Cake Again!

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

I decided, both out of generosity and the need for a sofa when I visit London in the spring, to make rum cake tonight. I will deliver it to the great music team over at Wavecrest tomorrow, and hopefully they’ll enjoy it enough to let me crash for a night or two in March! The cake came out great – I think. I didn’t actually get to taste it, since it’s bad form to gift a cake that has a …

Rum Cake

Dan Goldwasser Boston, Cooking

Last year, you might remember that I made lemon bars, which kicked off my cooking trend. This year, I got a recipe for a rum cake that I figured I would try to make. I had sent off the ingredient list to my mom earlier so that everything would be ready for me, but unfortunately a few things were missing. Like, butter and more importantly, enough rum that the recipe calls for! (Sorry, a tiny flask is not gonna cut …

Pumpkin Cake

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

On a whim, I decided to (finally) take a stab at Liz’s mom’s pumpkin cake recipe. I have a scoring session on Monday, so it will be gone by then, and it’s super easy. I didn’t take pictures of the process (I had forgotten), but I did mess up one thing: I put two teaspoons of baking soda instead of one. Whoops. Luckily, it doesn’t really affect it all that much, unless it made the cake even more fluffy and …