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Once again, I was fortunate to be involved with a current title, this time for Paramount’s Baywatch, featuring a score by Christopher Lennertz.  My role was similar to the past current titles from Paramount, in a coordination role between the studio, La-La Land Records, and the ad agency that was handling the artwork.  Some of that meant conforming the art files to fit La-La Land Records’ template – and some of those files really tested the limits of my computer! …

Identity Thief

Dan Graphic Design

The soundtrack to the hit comedy Identity Thief marks the first time that I was able to handle the art direction for a current film’s soundtrack.  The fine folks at Universal Studios tapped La-La Land Records to release the physical album of Christopher Lennertz’s score, and they tapped me to do the art.  Working from the design aesthetic that was established in the poster (and the already-designed album cover) I created a 16-page booklet featuring photos from the film, notes …


Dan Graphic Design

Composer Christopher Lennertz does a lot of composing for pretty much every genre available (except live theater – for now).  Whether it’s television (“Supernatural”), films (Alvin and the Chipmunks, Horrible Bosses) or videogames (From Russia With Love, Gun), he always tries to make the music interesting and fun.  StarHawk is no exception – in fact, in many ways, it sounds (to me) what I wanted from Cowboys and Aliens – an energetic Western score with Sci-Fi action, and melodies. The soundtrack album for StarHawk …

Christopher Lennertz

Dan Websites

This week I launched a new redesigned website for composer Christopher Lennertz. Aside from a snazzy new look to the website, it was completely done in WordPress, allowing for easier updates.  Where the old website had just a list of credits, now we have individual project pages, allowing for audio tracks, album details, purchase links, and more. Also put some nice connectivity to Facebook and Twitter, since social media is all-the-rage these days.

Ubeda Film Music Festival, Day 1

Dan Spain (2011)

After getting about 10 hours of much needed sleep, I went down to get breakfast, where I bumped into composer Mark Isham and his wife, as well as publicists Ray Costa and Beth Krakower.  Eventually we made our way up to the Hospital de Santiago, where I met up with some more people, and checked out some of the rehearsals – in particular, Blake Neely and Chris Lennertz practicing the three Michael Kamen songs that would be part of tonight’s …

The Medal of Honor Soundtrack Collection

Dan Audio Projects

My latest soundtrack project, the Medal of Honor Soundtrack Collection, was released today. This immense eight-disc box set features over nine hours of music by Michael Giacchino, Christopher Lennertz, and Ramin Djawadi, for the acclaimed video game series.  My involvement was not in producing the album set, but rather to write the extensive liner notes for the collection.  To do so, I did hours of research (yes, I even played some of the games), and interviewed all three composers, as …

A Symphony of Hope: The Haiti Project

Dan Websites

Just launched the website for A Symphony of Hope: The Haiti Project.  The brainchild of composer Christopher Lennertz, the idea was to take 25 film composers and create a symphonic work based on a traditional Haitian melody. Proceeds from sales of the resulting album will be sent to the Hands Together charity to benefit Haitian earthquake victims.  I built the site with a WordPress framework, and heavily modified a pre-existing template. The biggest challenge on the site was to connect …

Symphonic Concert of Film Music

Dan Spain (2010)

The concert – as most things in Ubeda – started late, around 9:40pm.  Giacchino kicked things off (literally) by giving the mayor of the city a soccer ball autographed by all the composers, and then tossing two more into the crowd to the fans.  He played music from The Family Stone, Lost, Medal of Honor, and Up.  He was followed by Lennertz, who played music from Medal of Honor: European Assault, The Comebacks, Warhammer, and Meet the Spartans.  Spanish composer/conductor …

Orchestra Rehearsal and Lunch

Dan Spain (2010)

I slept in a bit, and then after a late breakfast headed to the Hospital to check out the symphony rehearsal for the evening’s concert. Watching Grusin play On Golden Pond was great, as well as the Spartacus suite.  There were a few tense moments, like when the percussionist didn’t have the right sheet music during Randy Edelman’s segment, and apparently the musician’s union representatives were very unhappy about the lack of breaks.  But still, everyone got a shot at …

Late Night Ice Cream and Drinks

Dan Spain (2010)

Friday night’s festivities continued in the early morning, while the fans went on a scavenger hunt. This was supposed to be followed up at 2:30am by the drinks and chocolate pastries down by the city wall overlooking the olive groves, which I missed out on three years ago, and had heard how great they were.  So to kill the time, a bunch of us – including Grusin and Lennertz – headed out to find some food (since we hadn’t had …