Gordon's Wine Bar / Paradise E Inferno / Coal Hole Pub

Dan England (2008)

My last evening in London began with a bottle of wine at Gordon’s Wine Bar, London’s oldest wine bar (1890). The place was pretty crowded, and located downstairs in a cellar that felt quite old. It was pretty cool! Then we were going to go to some tapas restaurant that Stephen recommended, but it started raining – so we went to Paradiso E Inferno, an Italian restaurant on the Strand. It was very traditional, and the food and service was …

The Changing of the Guard / Hakkasan / Rugby

Dan England (2008)

I popped on the tube and headed to Green Park, then walked over to Buckingham Palace. It wasn’t even 11am, and there was already a huge crowd gathered waiting for the Changing of the Guard. I managed to work my way towards the palace gates, and got some decent pictures as the ceremony unfurled. The Queen’s Guard was the 23 Pioneer Regiment, and the Queen’s Guard Band was the Band of the Scots Guards. Amidst the various songs they played …

The Hospital / Moti Mahal

Dan England (2008)

I headed out from Abbey Road, and headed over to The Hospital, which is not actually a medical facility, but rather a members-only club that also houses a few studio spaces, which is home-base for the music team. After hanging for a bit, Stephen and Meri and I headed out to dinner. We went to an Indian restaurant called Moti Mahal. While we were waiting to be seated, we were at the bar, where I had “The Alchemist” – Fresh …


Dan England (2008)

Went to dinner with Martin at Bistrotheque, a rather nice upscale restaurant that’s completely hidden in an old former warehouse off a side street. You’d never find it if you didn’t know it was there. The food was good, and the braised lamb I had was quite tasty!

Traveling to London / Fish & Chips

Dan England (2008)

After bidding farewell to John (and returning his keys), I headed to the train station where I popped on the 5pm Express to London’s Paddington Station. It only had two other stops: Reading and Slough. Fans of the British version of “The Office” will know the significance of that second location. The ride was pretty uneventful, and got me into London near 6pm. Apparently, that’s the height of rush hour. Begin the fun! I had to take the London Underground …

The Turf

Dan England (2008)

John and I went The Turf Tavern, where their slogan is “An Education In Intoxication”. Awesome! The foundation is supposedly around the 12th century, with most of the woodwork done in the 16th century. It’s got a very cozy atmosphere. I got a Weston Old Rosie Scrumpy, which is basically a cider. It’s mellow and doesn’t have the sweetness of typical ciders, and it’s deceptively alcoholic. One pint was plenty for now, especially since I hadn’t had anything to eat …

Dinner at Solea

Dan Boston

Met Liz and Josh for dinner at Solea, a tapas restaurant in Waltham. The food was excellent – lots of small dishes to pick from, and we went with the Plato Mixto (Plate of Ham, Olives, Roasted Red Peppers & Assorted Spanish Cheeses), Queso de Cabra Monta’nes (Baked Goat Cheese with Tomato & Basil), Buٌnuelos de Alcachofas y Espinacas (Artichoke & Spinach Fritters), Patatas Bravas (Wild, Hot & Spicy Potatoes), Lomito al Cabrales (Roasted Pork Tenderloin in a Spanish Cabrales …