The Sons of Katie Elder

Dan Audio Projects, Graphic Design

Back in 2013, La-La Land Records released Elmer Bernstein’s scores to The Shootist and The Sons of Katie Elder on one disc.  The latter portion was the 1965 re-recording done for the LP, meaning that the original film score recorded still had yet to be released -until now.  This new album is sourced from the original mono film music stem, as well as selected cues from an Electro-vox recording found in the archives.  In addition to the score and source cues, we …

The Shootist / The Sons of Katie Elder

Dan Graphic Design

This spring, I’m entering my “western” phase of art direction. Coming up is Wyatt Earp and Into The West, but first up we have two Elmer Bernstein scores: The Shootist and The Sons of Katie Elder.  Two albums on one disc gave me the opportunity to do a reversible cover – if you don’t like the cover on the front, flip the booklet over, and now you have a new cover to use! The art assets for The Shootist were generally grainy and a …

Trading Places

Dan Audio Projects, Graphic Design

Elmer Bernstein’s score to Trading Places is the latest album I produced for La-La Land Records.  This classically inspired score features all the underscore that Bernstein wrote, as well as source cues and his arrangements of Christmas tunes. It also marks the first time I have done art direction for La-La Land Records.  The challenge (for me) was in figuring out how best to lay out the 24-page booklet with a nice flow and design scheme; I think I succeeded! La-La Land …

Intrada reviews Airplane!

Dan Audio Projects

It’s sold out, so it’s not available on the Intrada website. But here’s what Doug Fake had to say about the Airplane! score album: Original soundtrack from popular Jim Abrahams/David Zucker/Jerry Zucker send-up of airplane disaster movies, starring Robert Hays, Julie Hagarty. Elmer Bernstein plays things straight, anchors with dramatic, winding main theme, then fills in with broadly-drawn love theme in contrast. La-La Land CD premieres complete score from original stereo session elements, includes treasure trove of alternates. Terrific liner notes …

Sold Out!

Dan Audio Projects

Just got word that Airplane! has sold out!  Yes, all 3,000 copies from La-La Land Records have been claimed.  Of course, there are still copies available from other online retailers, but the point is, we sold out in less than a week.  Not too shabby!!