Into the West

Dan Graphic Design

It was a real shame that Geoff Zanelli’s Emmy-winning score to Into the West never got a soundtrack release at the time of the miniseries’ airing on TNT back in 2005.  So now, eight years later, the deal was finally made to release the score, and I was tapped to do the artwork! Little did I know the journey that it would set me upon. When a project comes up, and it’s a Paramount title, I am able to log …

Geoff Zanelli

Dan Websites

My latest web design project is a custom WordPress theme for composer Geoff Zanelli.  This seems to be the way to go, with a straightforward audio player on the home page, and project detail pages with Advanced Custom Fields (or Magic Fields, depending on your needs). I like the straightforward monochromatic feel that it gives, and because it’s in WordPress, it’s super-easy for Geoff and his team to do their own updates.

Ghost Town

Dan Movie Reviews

Ghost Town features Ricky Gervais as a socially withdrawn dentist who – after dying for seven minutes during a colonoscopy – now has the ability to see dead people.  No, it’s not a comedy version of The Sixth Sense, but Ghost Town does play like a combination of “Ghost meets Scrooged“.  When Bertram Pincus (Gervais) discovers his ability, it’s more a nusiance than anythin – all the dead with unfinished business try to get his attention to help them out, …