Into the West

Dan Goldwasser Graphic Design

It was a real shame that Geoff Zanelli’s Emmy-winning score to Into the West never got a soundtrack release at the time of the miniseries’ airing on TNT back in 2005.  So now, eight years later, the deal was finally made to release the score, and I was tapped to do the artwork! Little did I know the journey that it would set me upon. When a project comes up, and it’s a Paramount title, I am able to log …

Geoff Zanelli

Dan Goldwasser Websites

My latest web design project is a custom WordPress theme for composer Geoff Zanelli.  This seems to be the way to go, with a straightforward audio player on the home page, and project detail pages with Advanced Custom Fields (or Magic Fields, depending on your needs). I like the straightforward monochromatic feel that it gives, and because it’s in WordPress, it’s super-easy for Geoff and his team to do their own updates.

Ghost Town

Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

Ghost Town features Ricky Gervais as a socially withdrawn dentist who – after dying for seven minutes during a colonoscopy – now has the ability to see dead people.  No, it’s not a comedy version of The Sixth Sense, but Ghost Town does play like a combination of “Ghost meets Scrooged“.  When Bertram Pincus (Gervais) discovers his ability, it’s more a nusiance than anythin – all the dead with unfinished business try to get his attention to help them out, …


Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

Tonight I saw Disturbia, a teen thriller/romance/suspense mystery film of sorts. A year after his father died in a car accident that he blames himself for, Kale (Shia LeBouf) strikes out at his Spanish teacher in school, and is sentenced to house-arrest for the duration of the summer. He’s going crazy from boredom, and takes up observing (or snooping on) the neighborhood from his second floor bedroom. Then the hot new girl Ashley (Sarah Roemer) moves in next door, and …

Secret Window

Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

What is it about Stephen King stories, and their screen adaptations? They’re always hit-or-miss. With Secret Window, though, this one is more or less a hit, but it’s not quite what I had expected. Before I get into it, though, I gotta say that somehow, my luck before the screening was just miserable. Matt and I got to our seats relatively easily – but it went downhill from there. I accidentally knocked my popcorn over. When I put the straw …