Dexter's Odyssey

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So I get this bizarre email today. It is replicated here, in its entirety: Dear Dan Goldwasser, I wanted the music of Dexter’s Odyssey to be based upon feel, and the music of The Dinosaur Planet of Reptaria is all gonna enhance that, because for the music of Reptaria, Film Club and I will be taking the traditional orchestra and some electronic music by James T. Hill and Vangelis and we’re putting in a tribal percussion, part Asian part African …

Batman Begins

Dan Autographs

All I need now is my Batman Forever soundtrack to be signed by Elliot Goldenthal, and I’ll have a complete collection of signed Batman feature film soundtracks! (Well, not counting the 1960’s Nelson Riddle film score.) In case you can’t read it, James Newton Howard wrote: “To Dan Goldwasser*, Thanks for your support! James Newton Howard”. A month or so later, Hans Zimmer wrote “To Dan Goldwasser**, Thanks for supporting James. Hans Z.” Ah, what a good sense of humor …

Interviews Galore!

Dan Showbiz

Been a little busy with SoundtrackNet lately. I put up part one of my three-part interview with Hans Zimmer, did a podcast yesterday, and then another one today featuring a phone interview with Danny Elfman. Definitely all are worth checking out, if I do say so myself! Enjoy!

Blake Neely

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Finished up another website. This one is for composer Blake Neely, who has worked with many big composers, including Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. He also did the music for the hit television show Everwood, for which he recieved an Emmy nomination for "Best Main Title"e;. Go check it out!

The Da Vinci Code

Dan Movie Reviews

I have never read The Da Vinci Code; rather, I listened to the audio book. I found Dan Brown’s writing to be so remedial and dull that the story – which in itself is an alright tale with interesting back-story ideas and theories – just dragged on. The ending isn’t really much of a shocker, and in fact could be argued to be rather anti-climactic. After the negative reception that the feature film adaptation received at the Cannes Film Festival …

A session a day…

Dan Showbiz

… won’t keep the doctor away, but rather will probably put me in the hospital for fatigue! In all seriousness, today marks the beginning of what could be scoring sessions for seven films in a week. Oy! Right now, I will be at: Tuesday:The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (Brian Tyler) Wednesday: The Devil Wears Prada (Teddy Shapiro) Thursday: Nacho Libre (Danny Elfman) Friday: The Lady in the Water Choir Sessions (James Newton Howard) Saturday/Sunday*: Invincible (Mark Isham) Monday/Tuesday*: …

Young Composer's Dinner (with Hans)

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A few days ago I got an invitation to the awards ceremony for the Turner Classic Movies “Young Composers Competition”. Basically, over 500 people entered this year and scored a small film clip from a silent movie that has never been released. Then, after three rounds, it was narrowed down to five finalists. The awards ceremony would include a cocktail reception and dinner, and would be “hosted” by this year’s mentor, Hans Zimmer. The grand prize winner would get at …


Dan Movie Reviews

This is gonna be a short one…. just too busy to write too much. Thunderbirds is a family film. It’s all for the kids. It has a nice “moral lesson” learned, and is overall a fun flick. Families should go check it out. I can’t say how much it “jives” with the original television series, but there are at least two “nods” to the puppets… The visual effects are plentiful and decent, and the plot is simple and straightforward. The …

The Last Samurai

Dan Movie Reviews

From the trailers, this film looked like “Dances with Wolves in Japan”. The score by Hans Zimmer, which I had been listening to for a few weeks now, has been growing on me, and I was eager to hear it in the context of the film. The screening started a little late (no surprise), and I hadn’t figured on the film being 2.5 hours long. Whoops. Overall, the film was pretty good – not “great” – and the general plot …

Matchstick Men

Dan Movie Reviews

Headed over to The Grove with Matt to see Ridley Scott‘s latest flick, Matchstick Men. Quite the departure from his recent films (Black Hawk Down, Hannibal, Gladiator), Matchstick Men is a bit of an off-beat comedy/drama. The comedy comes from the characters more than anything else. Nicholas Cage is Roy, an obsessive-compulsive con artist who is planning on pulling the big score with his partner Frank (Sam Rockwell) against Frechette (played by everyone’s favorite Stacey Keach lookalike, Bruce McGill). Only …