Jason Graves

Dan Websites

I redesigned Jason Graves’ website, converting it over to a WordPress-driven one, and we launched it – all just in time for his new project, the Tomb Raider game reboot!  Integrating the audio database was the trickiest part (as always seems to be the case with WordPress), but the whole structure of the site (especially the header and main colors) were built in a way where we can swap things out depending on what project Jason wants to promote at the time.

Alpha Protocol

Dan Seattle

Today was the scoring sessions for Alpha Protocol, a new videogame coming out sometime next year. It’s a spy-oriented RPG, and the music for the game was composed by Jason Graves (whose website I created) and Rod Abernathy, with a main title composed by BT.  It was a four-hour session, with the first three hours to record the orchestral elements (approx 18 min.) of the music, with the last hour for BT to record his main title.  The chapel at …