The Sum of All Fears

Dan Audio Projects, Graphic Design

One of the few Jerry Goldsmith scoring sessions I had the privilege of attending was for The Sum of All Fears, the fourth Jack Ryan movie (and in effect, a reboot of the series) directed by Phil Alden Robinson.  Years later, I would then have the opportunity to put together an expanded release of the soundtrack.  The highlight of the score is the opening title, an operatic and heart-wrenching aria sung by Shana Blake Hill, but it was a pleasure to rediscover …

Warning Shot

Dan Graphic Design

Ah, good old Jerry Goldsmith. His music is definitely near and dear to my heard, and while I did not produce the new La-La Land Records soundtrack album of Warning Shot, I did get a chance to work on it as the art director.  I based the CD cover artwork off of the old Liberty Records LP (which was really just an ‘inspiration’ album featuring Si Zentner playing music from Warning Shot and other Goldsmith films), and kept the inside of the …

Innerspace / The Fugitive

Dan Audio Projects

Two of my latest projects were just announced for release on December 1: James Newton Howard’s score to The Fugitive, in a 2-disc set with the complete score, a few alternates, the original album suites, and a few extra bonus tracks! I co-produced the album and wrote the liner notes; Jeff Bond provided a wonderful track analysis. Jerry Goldsmith’s complete score to Innerspace! I didn’t produce this one, but wrote the in-depth liner notes featuring new comments from Joe Dante …

I.Q. / Seconds

Dan Audio Projects

My latest album project has just been announced. The original scores to 1966’s Seconds and 1994’s I.Q., both composed by the late, great Jerry Goldsmith. I produced the album, with exclusive liner notes written by Jeff Bond. It’s now available for pre-order at La-La Land Records, so go get it!

Alien Saga Concert / Jerry Goldsmith Tribute Concert

Dan Spain (2009)

The concert this evening was a double-header. The first half was a celebration of music from the Alien film series, and the second was a tribute to Jerry Goldsmith in honor of what would have been his 80th birthday. Conducted by Diego Navarro, music from Alien was preformed, as imagery was projected on screen (it was not meant to be live-to-picture sync, however).  Goldsmith’s score to Alien is iconic, creepy and brilliant – and hearing it performed live was bone-chillingly …