Alien Saga Concert / Jerry Goldsmith Tribute Concert

Dan Goldwasser Spain (2009)

The concert this evening was a double-header. The first half was a celebration of music from the Alien film series, and the second was a tribute to Jerry Goldsmith in honor of what would have been his 80th birthday. Conducted by Diego Navarro, music from Alien was preformed, as imagery was projected on screen (it was not meant to be live-to-picture sync, however).  Goldsmith’s score to Alien is iconic, creepy and brilliant – and hearing it performed live was bone-chillingly …

The Reaping

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Ahh, Dark Castle Pictures. You gotta love them. I mean, it’s basically the same production crew who brought us all those great “Tales from the Crypt” episodes…. Okay, I know, most of them weren’t that good. And the movies… well…. 13 Ghosts and House on Haunted Hill were interesting at best, but basically they churn out crap like Gothica and House of Wax. Their latest film, The Reaping features Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank as an ex-minister who has turned to …

John Frizzell

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The official John Frizzell website has now been finished, and launched! Woohoo! Got a few more in the pipeline now too!

Ghost Ship

Dan Goldwasser Movie Reviews

There isn’t too much I can really say about Ghost Ship. The movie’s trailer was fun, and I thought the film had potential. After all – Robert Zemeckis and Joel Silver hadn’t done too badly with the whole “Tales from the Crypt” thing, and their Dark Castle Entertainment company had put out rather entertaining films so far, with House on Haunted Hill and Thirteen Ghosts. So I went into the film (with Rawson in tow) expecting something at least relatively …