Dan Goldwasser Audio Projects

My most recent project is a holy grail for many film score lovers, myself included.  John Morris’ playful and over-the-top score for 1985’s Clue was never released – until now. Working from pristine sources from the vault at Paramount, the album posed the same type of challenge as Blazing Saddles (another Morris score): lots of tiny short cues that needed to be assembled into some kind of coherent listening experience.  Things got a little more exciting when we discovered another …

Announcing the La-La Land Comic-Con Titles, and More!

Dan Goldwasser Audio Projects, Spain (2010)

After a nice Spanish breakfast at the hotel, I walked to the Hospital de Santiago, where most of the festivities would be taking place.  10am saw the Jamie Christopherson panel, after which a press conference was held with the mayor of Ubeda, as well as the festival organizers, to kick off the start of the festival.  Spanish composer Zacarías M. de la Riva held his panel, and then it was time for mine. My panel was about the work I’ve …

Blazing Saddles

Dan Goldwasser Audio Projects

Well it’s been pre-announced: the soundtrack to Blazing Saddles will be released next Tuesday!  I co-produced the album along with MV Gerhard at La-La Land Records, and wrote the extensive liner notes. I’m very proud of my work on this album, so be sure to go get it!