Iron Man

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I really don’t know much about the Iron Man comics books. All I know is that it’s yet another Marvel Comics superhero except that this is their version of the rich industrialist-turned-crimefighter, kinda like DC Comics’ Batman, but without the pathos. In the film adaptation, Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark, a megarich prodigy who is running Stark Industries, a military weapons developer. When his convoy is attacked in Afghanistan, and he is captured by terrorists who insist he build …


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Spent most of the day today at Fox, for the Zathura scoring session. It’s a pretty cool score – big bombastic orchestral fun, with some quirky moments. I’ll be going back next week as well, since it’s a fun John Debney score, and everyone seems to be having a blast. Meanwhile, I did manage to get my Elf CD signed by Debney and director Jon Favreau: