Heading to Boston for Thanksgiving

Dan Boston

I’m at LAX right now, heading to Boston for Thanksgiving.  The SuperShuttle was about 30 minutes late in picking me up, which was annoying, but I still got to the Virgin America gate with a little over an hour before they start boarding.  So that’s good!  And there will be free Wi-Fi on the flight, courtesy of Google.  I’ll probably take the opportunity to catch up on the movie reviews I haven’t written, but have been meaning to!  They are …

BART to SFO / Flying back to Los Angeles

Dan Bay Area

Taking the BART to the airport was a leisurely commute, and took about 35 minutes or so.  Once there, it was just a matter of taking another shuttle to the terminal, where I got into the stupidly long security line. No issues this time (unlike in Nashville), and then I was at the gate. The flight was pretty packed, but fortunately I had a window seat.  It was a short flight back to Los Angeles, and I made it back …

Off to the Bay Area

Dan Bay Area

I woke up early today to finish packing and get some stuff done – I’m heading up to the Skywalker Scoring Stage to attend the recording of a score for Jason Graves, and it should be a pretty fun trip! I’ve never stayed at the Ranch before (only had my brief day trip visit in April), so this should be quite the experience. I hear that it’s like a vacation….. Waiting for the shuttle from Lot C turned out to …

Flight to Nashville via Dallas

Dan Nashville (2009)

Was out for drinks with some friends last night, so I made sure to pack in advance of that.  However, I ended up getting to bed late – and woke up around 7:30 to make sure that I could have some coffee and be ready to be picked up by Phil and Penka to be  taken to LAX.  We got to the airport around 10:15am, and since we were all doing carry-on, it was pretty fast going through security.  An …

Missing Baggage / Chicago to Los Angeles

Dan Spain (2009)

Getting through passport control was pretty fast, and then I waited with Ray for our luggage to come off the plane.  Nancy had gotten her bags pretty quickly, and had already gone to the Admirals Lounge by the time I got there.  We waited, and more and more bags came off the carousel – but not ours. Eventually it all stopped – and our bags were nowhere to be found.  Talking with the Iberia representative revealed that we could file …

Los Angeles to Chicago

Dan Spain (2009)

Woke up this morning at the crack of dawn – 5am – and it was still dark outside.  SuperShuttle picked me up at 6:15am, and I got to LAX just before 7am.  There was a travel crowd the likes I’ve not seen in a long time.  I stood in line for about 15 minutes, waiting to check in, when I noticed that the Departures display noted that my particular LA -> Chicago flight was delayed…. by 40 minutes.  Assuming it …

Heading to LAX

Dan Boston

I woke up way too early (or so it feels), and was picked up by SuperShuttle to take me to LAX for my flight to Boston. I’m now relaxing at the gate, about two hours before my flight.  The good news? I’m flying Virgin America!  So that means I will (supposedly) have an outlet at my seat, to allow me to watch the many hours of televison that I have on my laptop to entertain me. Failing that, I have …

"Come on Big D…. fly!"

Dan Boston

The flight from Dallas is almost done deplaning.  It’s now 10:30pm.  They just announced that my flight (which was scheduled to leave at 3:30pm, in case you forgot!) is now only half-full.  YAY!  Maybe I can get a row to myself!  We’re still on track to leave around 11pm, getting into Boston a little before 8am.  Not sure why the flight is suddenly six hours long instead of the five hours it was when we were first on board at …

New Airplane

Dan Boston

Well, the plane has been taken out of service.  What does that mean? No idea, but it was a technical issue that they didn’t feel safe flying with, so that’s better safe than sorry.  They didn’t cancel the flight – we’re supposed to get a new plane, but it has to arrive from Dallas – at 10pm.  So we’ll now be leaving at.. 11pm.  At least, that’s what they say for now….. stay tuned!

Back to the Gate (with updates)

Dan Boston

We left the gate a little after 7pm. After a few minutes on the tarmac, they said that we need to go back to the gate due to a tech issue. Lordy, maybe at this rate I will be able to get in when everyone is waking up! UPDATE at 7:30pm: Now we are at the gate, and maintenance is on board. The captain says he will tell us when he has news.