Deplane De Plane!

Dan Boston

The flight from Boston has arrived, and now they just need to service it, clean it, and then we can start boarding hopefully by 6:30.  I talked to the gate attendant, and they’ve been nice enough to get me a ground transportation voucher, and also gave me a $10 food voucher for dinner.  Hopefully we’ll leave on time (still scheduled for 7pm), and then I can be on my way!

More Delays, Lamest Excuse Ever

Dan Boston

So I got to the airport at 3:45pm, since that’s when my friend was able to drop me off.  The flight isn’t leaving until 6:15pm now.  I asked the baggage check-in attendant why there was a delay (knowing that it wasn’t on the Los Angeles side; the airplane had to arrive from Boston first, and it left Boston four hours late).  His pathetic response: “It’s just usual summer travel delays.”  Excuse me? What the hell is that supposed to even …

Off to Seattle

Dan Seattle

I’m traveling today to go up to Seattle for a scoring session, and will be gone for only two days. It was convenient that my parents were leaving an hour before my flight. So I took them to the airport, and now I’m waiting for a bit until the flight is called and we board the plane. I’m flying Virgin America, and have only heard stellar things about them. I look forward to checking it out, and will be sure …