Independence Day

Dan Audio Projects

I had the extreme pleasure earlier this year of writing the liner notes for an expanded soundtrack release to one of the biggest hits of the 1990s, Independence Day. Releasing later today by La-La Land Records, I researched the film, and interviewed composer David Arnold, producer Dean Devlin, and scoring mixer Dennis Sands. (Sadly, director Roland Emmerich was out of the country and unable to get back to me in time.) The album itself is pretty kick-ass, and I’m excited …

Mars Attacks!

Dan Audio Projects

Wow, I can’t believe I totally dropped the ball on this and never bothered to blog about my most recent released project!  I wrote the detailed liner notes for the new expanded release of Danny Elfman’s score to Mars Attacks!.  A lot of research at the Academy library, plus new comments from Danny Elfman, Steve Bartek and Bobbi Page all came together to create what I feel is a pretty well rounded essay on the film and the music. It’s …


Dan Internet

Discovered Wordle today. The website will use Java to generate rather awesome collages from text that you input, using common words. It’s like a “Tag Cloud”, but more artistic.  I fed it my Blazing Saddles and Spaceballs liner notes, and here’s what it came up with.  Pretty sweet!!

Blazing Saddles

Dan Audio Projects

Well it’s been pre-announced: the soundtrack to Blazing Saddles will be released next Tuesday!  I co-produced the album along with MV Gerhard at La-La Land Records, and wrote the extensive liner notes. I’m very proud of my work on this album, so be sure to go get it!